ARCM Roofing - Englewood Colorado Roofing Building and Safety Division is the perfect place to start planning for your home improvement projects. In addition to offering consultation on specific construction projects, the division has numerous brochures with information on permitting, contractor licensing, how to hire a contractor, and a guide to contracts.

Contracts can be complicated. If you hire a contractor to do your home improvements, make sure you have a good contract. You should always have a completion date written into your contract, and make sure you don’t pay your contractor for work that has not been performed. Make sure a permit is obtained and all inspections performed.  Also, all contractors who work in Englewood must be licensed with the City.

Final inspections are done after completion of entire project and when building is ready for occupancy.  You should allow several days for the series of Final Inspections to be completed.

Until now all inspections have been done by inspectors from the Building Division.  Other departments, however, often need to make a "Final."  They will check for various items indicated on your Plan Summary Sheet provided when the permit was issued.

Schedule your Final Inspections following these three steps:

Step One

Other Department Inspections - Call the 24-hour inspection line to schedule the inspections listed below if required on your project.  The Building Division will route each inspection to the correct department.  It is to your advantage to call these in promptly when ready so as not to delay the completion of your project.  These all must be approved before the permit will be closed out.  Refer to your Plan Review Summary sheet for required inspections.
Final Drainage - Inspected by the Engineering Department
Final Traffic - Inspected by the Traffic Department
Final Zoning - Setbacks, landscaping and parking space striping.  Inspected by the Community Development Department
Final Utilities - Inspected by the Utilities Department
Step Two

Non-structural Inspections - These all must be completed and approved prior to the Building Final and may be scheduled together with inspections under Step One.

Building Final - All non-structural inspections listed above have been completed and approved.  All structural work is completed according to approved plans and meets Code.
Certificate of Occupancy - Prior to occupying a new building, this Certificate must be issued.  In some cases, a Temporary Certificate (TCO) may be issued with incidental remaining issues to be resolved within a set time.

Englewood, Colorado to participate in Xcel Energy's Solar Rewards Community program
Post Date:06/10/2014 3:20 PM
At its June 2, 2014 meeting, Englewood City Council approved the City's participation in Xcel Energy's Solar Rewards Community Program. Through a contract with the Clean Energy Collective, the City of Englewood will purchase 42 solar panels at Xcel Energy's solar array (or solar "garden") in Aurora. Englewood will use the electricity from the solar panels to run the pumping station at Belleview Park. 

Over the course of the 20-year agreement with the Clean Energy Collective, the City of Englewood expects to save an estimated $188,708 in energy costs by switching to solar power for the high-demand pumping station.

The Solar Rewards program allows Xcel Energy customers to purchase solar power from a number of community-owned solar facilities. The Clean Energy Collective is one of the companies that administers Xcel's Solar Rewards Community program.

The Solar Rewards program is also available to individual homeowners and businesses. For more information on the Clean Energy Collective, visit For more information on solar gardens, visit

ARCM Roofing Inc.

If you are preparing to have a contractor remodel or make improvements to your home a written contract will be a major part of the transaction.  As a legal document, it could become your sole protection against a company later defaulting.  This information is intended to increase your knowledge about:

What makes a good contract?
What are your rights?

THE CONTRACT - Englewood Colorado Roofing 

What Makes a Good Contract?

It puts all promises in writing!  One of the biggest reasons for fraud is acceptance of verbal representation as part of an agreement.  Get it in writing!
It is specific, not general!  An agreement written in general terms will not provide the protection you need.    
Evaluate the Contract

Your contract should cover a number of particular items.  It should:

Include the full name, address, and phone number of the contractor and the homeowner.
Included the company's registration number and/or license number.
Stipulate the full extent of the work.
Specify the quality of materials.  In dealing with appliances, state the exact model numbers.  Specify the grade of shingles, siding, etc.
Include a guarantee to meet all local building codes.
Include a starting and completion date.  You may want a "perform or pay" clause, requiring financial penalties for work not done on time.  "Performance time" is one of the biggest reasons for registered complaints.
Specify terms of payment.  Never pay the entire amount up front!  A 10-35% downpayment is considered fair and standard.  Withhold 5-20% of the final payment until you are satisfied with the work and a city inspector has given the job a final approval.
Do not sign a Certificate of Completion should the contractor give you one before the city inspector has signed off on the job.
Clearly state who bears financial responsibility for paying materials, suppliers, and any subcontractors.  A lien could be placed on your house by suppliers, laborers, or subcontractors if the contractor fails to pay them.
A 1987 law provides you an "affirmative defense" as protection, but you must have kept good records, with evidence of full payment to main contractor.
You may want to co-sign checks, payable to both the contractor and the source of materials or labor.
Include specific terms of cancellation.
While negotiating a contract it is your right to ask the contractor for all invoices and accounts showing your job costs and to ask for a lien waiver form.  They are readily available.  Wording should cover all parties, such as suppliers, subcontractors, and laborers.
Once you have signed an agreement, have any changes added in writing. 

Your Rights

Some excellent consumer laws are on the books.  These laws provide good protection, but only when you are aware of them.  You have rights pertaining to:

Canceling the contract, and Use of your money
Canceling the Contract - You may cancel only under these conditions:

If you cancel within three (3) days.
If the contract was signed in your home for $25 or more.
If the transaction fits all three of the following aspects:
It could result in a lien on your home.
It is not being paid for with a credit card.
It includes more than 4 payments, not including the down payment.
It is not uncommon for contracts to specify contacting an office in another state in order to cancel.  Should you need to cancel, reread the agreement and follow the exact terms stated.

Use of Your Money

The Mechanic's Lien Act protects your money.  This Act states that:

Any money you give the contractor can be spent only on direct costs of your project.  For example, your payments cannot fund the purchase of materials to start the next job on the contractor's list.
Direct costs do not include commission or profits.
A firm could be charged with theft for spending your money incorrectly.
A good contract may well be your only protection for getting the proper job for which you paid.  Before signing one, review it carefully.  It will be worth your efforts when you agree to fair terms, respectful of your rights. 

If problems do arise and cannot be resolved, contact one of the following agencies for legal advice or mediation:

Building and Safety Division  303-762-2356
City of Englewood 303-762-2300

Consumer Consumer Line - Attorney General's Office 303-222-4444 or Toll Free 800-222-4444

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Residential Roofing & Commercial Roofing

ARCM Roofing Inc. has been an industry innovator in residentual commercial and industrial roofing offering innovation, effective solutions for all roofing types regardless of size. As residential roofing contractor in Denver Colorado, ARCM Roofing Inc. aims to provide quality, transparent service from design to completion using quality materials, expert craftsmanship, efficient communication and innovative, energy-efficient options. ARCM offers a variety of residential roofing options (flat and steep) including commercial metal roofing, commercial steep roofing, custom residential, commercial roof repairs and commercial re-roofing for office retail, hospital, churches and so much more. ARCM Roofing Inc. works a variety of materials including EPDM, TPO, PVC, ballasted, tile, shingle, slate, copper, and other metals. ARCM Roofing Inc. is trained to install custom shingles, metal, metal shingles, clay tiles, slate and thatch. From exotic materials to custom fabrication, ARCM Roofing Inc.assists custom residential clients with new construction, solving snow load problems, and updating exterior building appearances.

Residential & Commercial Roofing Repairs

ARCM Roofing Inc. handles all emergency repair needs 24/7 regardless of size, day, or time. ARCM Roofing repair expertise includes roof inspections, preventative roof maintenance, leak investigation and repair, small projects and tenant finish. As an Authorized Installer and Approved Applicator, we are able to install a wide range of roof systems.

Commercial Re-Roofing

When the life of your commercial roofing system has expired and is beyond traditional commercial roof repairs, commercial re-roofing services, such as recover and replacement, are terrific options to make your roofing system more efficient and minimize costly repairs down the road. The roofing experts at ARCM Roofing Inc. provide analysis, planning and budgeting for all commercial re-roofing services that always meet manufacturer specifications and building code requirements.

Central Roofing offers EPDM rubber roof repair, installation & maintenance services in Colorado

EPDM, or ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, is a synthetic rubber that is used in modern green roofing projects. EPDM is derived from a combination of oil and natural gas to produce a, durable, versatile and flexible roofing system that can be used in a wide range of temperatures. Because of its unique formulation and its simple set-up process, EPDM is the only roofing system that is recommended for use in water collection.

Steep Roofing

ARCM Roofing commercial steep roofing division can handle any pitch or degree of difficulty and install a variety of products including shingles, tiles, and slate. From budgeting and design all the way to installation, our experienced staff can meet all your steep roofing needs.

Metal Roofing

With a material lifetime of 50 years or more, the popularity of commercial metal roofing continues to grow. ARCM Roofing inc. offers wide variety of colors and finishes including galvanized, galvalume, pre-finished steel, pre-finished aluminum, copper, zinc, stainless steel, and rusting steel. With in-house design and fabrication, ARCM Roofing Inc. can provide a customized product and reduced lead times.

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ARCM Roofing Inc. is based in Centennial, CO, ARCM Roofing provides innovative residential, commercial, and industrial roofing services. These roofs withstand extreme temperatures, snowstorms, hail, and unpredictable weather patterns. Investing in a new roof is an important decision. We build roofs, which are visually-appealing, durable, and remain secure throughout their expected life.

Customers Receive:

High quality materials
Expert craftsmanship with attention-to-detail
Transparent service from design to completion
Customer-focused communication throughout the project
Energy-efficient options

Variety of Roofing Options (flat & steep) for HOA's, office retail, hospitals, churches & more
Custom residential
Commercial metal roofing
Commercial steep roofing
Commercial roof repairs
Commercial re-roofing

Variety of Roof Materials:

• Asphalt Shingles
And other metals
Custom shingles
Metal shingles
Clay tiles
From exotic materials to custom fabrication

From exotic materials to custom fabrication, ARCM Roofing assists custom residential clients with new construction, solving snow load problems, and updating exterior building appearances.

Employment Positions
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